Avi Loud is a photographer, designer, musician and a dj, born and raised in Seattle. Immersed in artistry since a young age, his passion for creativity has guided him through life. His earliest extra-curricular mentors exposed him to world of hip-hop and laid the foundation for his future. The local hip-hop scene is where he began his photography career, working with many budding and established artists alike.

During his time at the Commercial Photography program at the Seattle Central Creative Academy, his focus shifted towards working with local clothing designers, helping further establish and document a newly developing fashion scene. Working with so many different types of people expanded his range of taste and style while deepning his multi-cultural understanding. Carrying forward the knowledge from his mentors, peers and teachers, he has empowered himself to structure his passions for art, music and hip-hop as a way of life.

He has worked with a wide range of clients including Alive & Well, LoveCityLove, Likelihood, Totokaelo, Nordstrom, Meme Kidswear, Capitol Hill Block Party, Beats By Dre & LA Fashion Week. His work has been published by Nylon Magazine, Gray Magazine, The Seattle Times, City Arts Magazine, Seattle Met Magazine, Rolling Stone & Hypebeast.com.


Seattle Central Creative Academy, Commercial Photography 2013

Seattle Style Weekend Fashion Photographer of the Year 2014


- Currently -

Designer/DJ - Young Strong

Manager/Resident Artist - TMRW Studio

DJ/Partner - Prototype Sessions

Photographer - Maiden Noir

Photographer/DJ - Flight Head Trips

Photographer/Collaborator - LoveCityLove


Contact: aviloud@gmail.com

portrait photo by sol